Digital, Screenprinting, Sublimation, and Embroidery

VMS offers Digital, Screenprinting, sublimation, and embroidery in-house.

Screenprinting: Over 90% of the shirts we print use the classic, screen printing method. Every design has a “screen” which applies layers of ink to the printing surface. Each color is applied using a separate screen, layered on one at a time until they all come together to create the final look of your design. Screen printing requires a little extra preparation time and materials, but it’s the best option for bright vibrant designs, dark shirts, and specialty items. Digital Printing:  For products with a high level of detail, including photos, digital printing is the way to go. Digital printing requires no physical setup, and therefore doesn’t require minimum quantities on orders. Embroidery:  Our embroidery service will sew your design directly into your garment using multicolored thread. Embroidery gives a higher perceived value with a classic, handmade look.